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Ingrid Dohm

Ingrid Dohm

Rockford, IL



The raison díetre for my floral and landscape paintings can be traced directly to the influences that surrounded my early childhood. Born and raised in a small town in Austria near forests, glens and mountains, I was constantly seeking out the many varied kinds of floral beauty which is ever present in this land. During the summer months, in a high mountain lake enclosure, my siblings and I would make daylong forays into the forested areas solely to see what kinds of flowers we could encounter. A difficult find, but a most sought after one, was the edelweiss. This was so because one had to climb up the side of a mountain to see them growing as an outcropping in the rocks. This would become the trophy of the day! Another favored sight was the Christrose, commonly called the Schneerose or snow rose, because it could be seen popping up out of the snow cover on the ground.

In school I was always fascinated with any instrument be it pen, pencil or crayon, that could make anything from a strait line to a complicated image. I really never understood at the time why I had this strong attraction for art supplies, never could make the connection between it and my love of nature.

It wasnít until I came to the United States and married that the association was made. A casual remark by my husband, that I had a natural talent and propensity to draw and paint, made me realize that I ought to get going. A starter paint kit was purchased and thatís the beginning of the story.


I paint the change and diversity of nature, capturing the beauty that
surrounds us: winterís stark grays, the slow brightening of spring, bold
summer, and fallís warm richness. The shapes of nature show their
diversity in my work, the flowing petals of flowers with the rugged
geometry of my native Austrian Alps.
Natureís unending spectrum of color and shape, its seasons of hope and
renewal, are always fresh and exciting, and that is what I strive to
capture in my work.

When I paint, I hope to bring the beauty that surrounds around into
focus, and fix it on the canvas to brighten our lives. By connecting
with this beauty, I partake in the almost magical act of transforming
empty space, a plain white surface, into something captivating, a
painting that can be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

I paint in a representational and impressionistic style. I take my cue from nature, utilizing watercolors and acrylics, hoping to bring out the myriad shapes, forms and colors that the creator has bestowed upon us. If I can lend my own interpretation to it, then I am satisfied.


Permanent Collection, Embassy of Austria, Washington, D.C., 2011

Individual Artist Award, Mayor's Arts Awards, Coronado Theater, Rockford, IL 2007

YWCA Blanche Ellis Starr Award for Leadership in the Arts, Rockford, IL 2006

Featured in The Artist's Magazine, September, 2000.

Artist for the years 2001, 2002 and 2005 Easter Seals Campaigns.

Finalist in the National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., Illinois Chapter Millenium 2000 Show.

EDUCATION: Rockford College, Rockford, IL (Studio Art Major)


Born and raised in and a citizen of Austria, Ingrid is married with three children. She divides her career between the U. S. and Austria exhibiting her works and conducting painting workshops.


Freeport Arts Center, Freeport, IL 2008

Die Wirtschaftskammer-Galerie, Vienna, Austria, 2002

Zurich-American, Schaumburg, IL, 2001

Arlington Green Executive Center, Arlington Heights, IL 2001

Zurich Insurance Company, Zurich, Switzerland, 2000

Northern Trust O'Hare, Chicago, IL 2000 NICOR Corporate Gallery, Naperville, IL, 2000

Schloss Kammer, Attersee, Upper Austria, Austria, 1996, 1999, 2005

University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine, 1999

'Das Ronacher', Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria, 1997

Stadtische Galerie, Linz, Austria 1995

Kaiservilla, Bad Ischl, Austria, 1994


Rockford Midwestern Biennial, Rockford Art Museum, 2008, 2010

Freeport Arts Center, Freeport, IL 2000, 2003, 2009, 2010

Unilever Corporate Gallery, Rolling Meadows, IL, 2000, 2002

Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL, "Flora: The Beauty of Botanicals in Art", 2003


Television Interviews:

Artist to Artist Program, AT&T Broadband Cable Access Stations, Chicago North and West Suburbs, 2001

Insight Communications Channel 17, Rockford, IL , 1999

WPTI Channel 10, Loves Park, IL, 1983

Public Television Auctions:

WHA-TV, Madison, WI, 1999, 2001, 2004

WNPE-16, Watertown, NY, 1998


Illustration for Sonnenkringel und Schattenstreiffen, Ilse Lassner, PS Verlag, Payerbach, Austria 1992

Illustration for the Austrian Red Cross 1996 Christmas Card.


Tea Set by Ingrid Dohm


Sunflowers and Plums by Ingrid Dohm


Last House Standing by Ingrid Dohm


Koi by Ingrid Dohm



Lakeside Garden by Ingrid Dohm


Fruit Basket by Ingrid Dohm


Apples and Oranges by Ingrid Dohm


Countryside by Ingrid Dohm


Crystal Reflections by Ingrid Dohm


Three Jars by Ingrid Dohm


Street Flower Stand by Ingrid Dohm


Rome by Ingrid Dohm


Forest Pathway by Ingrid Dohm


Dahlias by Ingrid Dohm


White Roses Blue Delphininums by Ingrid Dohm


Red Tulips by Ingrid Dohm


Purple Rain by Ingrid Dohm


Red Geraniums by Ingrid Dohm


Flowered Forest by Ingrid Dohm


Red Blue Yellow by Ingrid Dohm


Lilies by Ingrid Dohm


Yellow Roses by Ingrid Dohm


Looking Skyward by Ingrid Dohm


Floral Still Life by Ingrid Dohm


Wacker Drive by Ingrid Dohm


Chicago Skyline by Ingrid Dohm


Christmas 2015 by Ingrid Dohm


Snowstorm by Ingrid Dohm


Orchids I by Ingrid Dohm


Lakeside Path by Ingrid Dohm


Regatta on the Rock River by Ingrid Dohm


Pink Gladioas by Ingrid Dohm


Rock Cut by Ingrid Dohm


A Walk thru the Fields by Ingrid Dohm


Purple White by Ingrid Dohm


Illinois Countryside by Ingrid Dohm


Rock Cut State Park by Ingrid Dohm


Rapeseed Field by Ingrid Dohm


Cartagena Colombia by Ingrid Dohm


White and Red Roses by Ingrid Dohm


Arrangement II by Ingrid Dohm


Birch Forest by Ingrid Dohm


Floral Explosion No. 2 by Ingrid Dohm


Rock River by Ingrid Dohm


Meandering Clouds by Ingrid Dohm


Forest Clearing by Ingrid Dohm


A Pink Rose by Ingrid Dohm


Red and Yellow Tulips by Ingrid Dohm